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Lisbon’s heavy rock ensemble Miss Lava debuts its first recording. The result is a powerful output, a flaming bitch that is burning with the desire to unleash its lava rock n’roll disaster onto the world. Miss Lava is ready to burn baby.

For years vulcanoes keep building up pressure, boiling heat in their interior, waiting for the right moment to explode and show nature’s strength to the world in rivers of lava.

This seems to be Miss Lava’s case, a flaming bitch that took its time to blast its genuine dose of heavy rock n’roll disaster upon the earth.

5 years ago a stoner rock vulcano began heating up some heavy groovy music. The creative force of this project was Dancing Crow (ex-bass player for the portuguese thrash metal act Exiled, 196Hate), master of the distorted low end frequencies. At this time, Dancing Crow was still flying high on some sonic experiments and dedicated most of his time to Dawnrider, his other band.

3 years later Dancing Crow realized he had established a solid musical backbone for a band. Lots of musicians had participated in Dancing Crow’s sessions but only one them was constant, the drummer Ricardo Espiga – who’s jazzy feeling stoned the crow’s groove.

As Dawnrider slowly rode away from Crow’s musical goals, he started flying higher and higher in the skies of stoner rock, recording his first song to seek permanent band members.

Mr. Johny Lee, a long time drifter in the musical desert (ex-vocalist for portuguese underground thrash act Etherial Grief) heard about the Crow’s recent recordings. Both got together with Ricardo and something lit up. “It was magic”, says Lee about their first sonical convergence.

However one element was missing. Lee called on his long time musical partner in crime K. Raffah (ex-bass player for Etherial Grief, Sundance, Seven7y Se7en and MÈlange) and challenged him with guitar duties while listening to master Curtis. “If there’s hell below, we’re all gonna go. We’re on”, said Raffah.

Raffah and Crow rapidly developed a strong composing chemistry, based on Ricardo’s strong groove and Lee’s remarkable melodic sense and strong lyrical content. Songs just kept coming out, better and better, heavier and heavier. Things were heating up in this creative hub and it was a natural decision, in between wine glasses at Bairro Alto (Lisbon’s night a special flight…), to call the band Miss Lava.

With the goal to build a solid setlist to play live and select some tracks to record, the band started pre-producing all of their songs until the summer of ’06. After recording 08 songs, drummer Ricardo parted ways with the band, pursuing a jazz scholarship in Oporto. Miss Lava wished him well and was quick to find a replacement, J. Cuca (ex-Fiona at Forty).

J. Cuca’s frenetical drum beating mashed perfectly with Miss Lava’s heavy groove, giving it the strength it needed to step up to a new level of confidence and power.

The band continued to write and pre-produce songs. “When we realized we had like 18 songs or so, we thought it was time to put some shit on tape. It was time to burn, baby, burn!”, says Crow in a take-off mood.

After recording drum tracks at Golden Pony studios in Lisbon, Raffah and Crow recorded guitars and bass at Crow’s own studio and Lee recorded his vocals at Spi Studios. Later on, Ricardo Espinha mixed and mastered the effort with Dancing Crow’s assistance.

The result is a powerful rock n’roll disaster, a flaming love and hate bitch that is burning with the desire to unleash its lava heat onto the world. From the freewheelin’ demon speedin’ heaviness of the opener “Sleeping with the angels” to the monstrous super slow piledriver “The line”, passing through the memorable stoner anthem “Stone Me” and the melodic shocker “Electrify”, Miss Lava is ready to burn, baby.

After the success of its debut EP, Miss Lava are about to launch their first album, ‘ Blues For The Dangerous Miles ‘, in the Portuguese territory through the Portuguese independent label Raging Planet.

The effort was produced by Samuel Rebelo and the band, and mixed and mastered by the famous Jens Bogren (Amon Amarth, Opeth, Katatonia, Paradise Lost, among others) at Fascination Street Studios in Orebro, Sweden. The recording process was coordinated by Samuel Rebelo and Ricardo Espinha (Fonzie, Miss Lava EP).

The vulcano has erupted. Miss Lava is now showing its sonic ensemble to the world. So let it burn, baby, burn.